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An overview of the finance industry
The finance industry and those associated, have suffered over the last  two years. The attached article is an excellent overview of the industry and what it needs to do to recover Click here

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In as little as 24 hours we can have your mortgage approved. We provide impartial advice and work with most of the major banks to secure the best mortgage.

All of this is at no cost to you.  Contact us  (no obligation) 

                    Home Loan Mortgages

 Our service is:

  • At no cost to you
  • Quick and easy.
  • Available 7 days a week.
  • Impartial advice.
  • We work for you and your best interests.
  • Dealing with most of the major banks to get you the best deal.
  • Structuring deals that are suit your plans
  • Pre approvals.
  • Helping you identify and manage financial risks.

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All Home Loans and Mortgages  

We are now in a "buyers market" that means you can benefit financially.

The funds or equity you require  as a deposit has increased, with some banks, to 20% but it is still possible to get mortgages on 5% deposit, of the value of the house, if you have strong income and a good personal profile.

House prices are slowly on the rise and so now is the time to get into the market and buy.

Get preapproved for your next mortgage to take advantage of the excellent opportunities this market provides.
Why not talk to us today to see how much you are able to borrow. There is no obligation and our service is free.
Give your family a home and an investment for their future.

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Why use Vizion Mortgage Brokers?

Vizion is a New Zealand company, privately owned and operated, We treat you as a real person not an account number.Mortgages

Vizion has professional business partners including traditional banks and finance companies.

Vizion can supply over 100 products from over 22 financial institutions providing you the greatest choice, of interest rates, floating or fixed, captalized interest and the ability to split the loans to save you money to pay off your loans faster.  

We are independent licensees to AlliedKiwi Mortgages who collectively place over $140million of mortgages monthly. You gain the benefit of this buying power and industry knowledge. 

Our especially design technology provides you with comparatives and gives you information to help you make the best decisions.

We do all the work for you, making it hassle free. We liaise with Banks, valuers, solicitors and any other professionals required to get your loan settled on time.

We make sure you are aware of the need for protection offering your insurance products to make sure you are covered for those events that could make life difficult for you and your family.

We are continually listening to our clients to see what other services we can offer to provide you tools and information to make better decisions.  

Why would you want to go anywhere else? It costs you nothing!!

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How much can I borrow?

Vizion will work out how much each bank will loan you, based on your individual profile. The amount between the main stream banks can differ by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hard to believe, but it's true!!

You can go to your own bank and they may approve you, but you may qualify for tens if not hundreds of thousands more at another bank? By maximising your borrowing capability you may be able to buy a bigger or better home on the same income. We have sofware that profiles you against most of the major banks. This way, you know all the options available. Your loyalty to the bank makes little difference.

Whats more, we can apply to more than one bank at the same time using this information.

All financial institutions are different in the way the handle each applicant but they all look at five key factors. 

  1. Stability of income.
  2. Stability of residence.
  3. Abililty to service the loan.
  4. The amount of deposit.
  5. Financial history.

We are professionals who work with banks to get you the best solution for your needs. Best of all is, our service costs you nothing.

For an obligation free assessment on how much you can borrow,

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                           Kiwi Saver as a deposit on your first home mortgage

 Kiwi Saver can now be used as deposit on your first home.

If you have been in Kiwi Saver for three years you are now able to withdraw funds to be used as a deposit on your first home. You are entiltled to:

  • The funds you have contributed to the scheme.
  • The funds your employer has contributed.

To understand what is available, enquire from your fund provider and ask for a letter detailing what is available to you.

                     KiwiSaver First Home Deposit Subsidy

This may also be available to first home owners by application to The Housing Corporation of New Zealand.

To qualify:
          - the applicant needs to have been in Kiwi Saver for a    
            minimum of three years.
         - Maximum earning of :
                       $100,000  for 2 people
                       $140,000  for 3 or more people.
          - Maximum value of Property in Auckland $400,000

This could add an additional $6,000 to your deposit

For more information on this and how much you can afford to borrow, contact us

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Refinancing an existing mortgage

There may be a number of reasons why you are looking to refinance.

  1. Your lender has exited the market - Wizard home loans and AMS.
  2. Your current bank will not advance any further funds.
  3. You feel that you want to test the market to see what alternatives are available to you.

Whatever your reason, we are here to help.Vizion deals with first and second tier lenders and will be able to give you straight feedback on how best handle your needs. 

We are able to arrange short term asset funding to help you restructure your funding.          

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                              Refinancing a mortgage



Investment property mortgages


                          Investment Property finance

While the tax changes may have taken some investors out of the market, there appears to be a strengthening of rental rates. The logic behind this is that there are less new houses being built and with the deposits required for homes having increased and the exit from the market of some investors, there is decreasing supply of rental property available. The demand on rental properties has increased pushing rental rates up.

This, with a softening of the retail housing market is a scenario that will provide an increasing return on investment property. 

To find out what you are able to borrow and structure in the current financial climate,


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Mortgages  - when the banks say no!

Many people today have good equity in their homes but the banks will not loan them more money because they;Facing a mortgagee sale?

  • may have short term cash flow issues and are unable to meet current mortgage payments brought about by being made redundant or business failure or slow down.
  • are self employed and do not have two years accounts.
  • are self employed and the business income has reduced.
  • have poor account conduct with their existing bank, by exceeding overdrafts or have late paid bank cards.
  • have numerous short term loans that need to be consolidated.
  • need bridging finance.

If you need time to restructure your affairs and / or sell a property.

If you are being faced with the likelyhood of the bank selling your home by mortgagee sale.

If any of the above sounds like you, then Vizion may be able to help.

We have access to finance where you are able address these situations and even able to capitalise the interest without have to prove income or have clean bank accounts or credit history.

We recognise that things do not always go as we plan and we will treat you with dignity and respect as we work with you to find a solution that best fits your requirements 

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