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Vizion Finance Brokers will take the hassle out of finding you the best lease deal for you. We are accredited with a number of the major vehicle lease companies and can access most new cars as well as a wide range of late model ex lease cars for re-lease. If its for one car or a fleet, we can help.

Why Lease?

The leasing of vehicles  enables companies to utilise retain existing capital and banking facilites to invest in profit producing assets. (cars are a depreciation asset)

  • The leasing of company cars is the prefered option of most major companies and some Government Departments.
  • Leasing is an "off balance sheet" solution with all costs totally tax deductable. Your only up front investment is one months advance lease payment.                        
  •  Lease terms can vary from 12 months to 60 months to suit your requirements and the type of lease.

Save time and effort. Contact us to discuss your requirements 

 Leasing types - Operating leases and Finance leases.

  •  Both lease types are available on both new and used vehicles. 


    Leasing Options Operating lease Finance Lease
    Fully Maintained Yes No
    Mechanical breakdown Insurance Not required Available
    Payments fully deductable for Tax Yes Yes
    One month payment up front Yes Yes
    Early termination costs

    Yes can be expensive

    Small admin fee
    Kilometer Limits Yes No limit
    Term One to three years One to five years
    Residual value your responsibility No Yes
    Fair wear and tear, pay for damage Yes No


    A Finance lease provides for the greatest flexibilty but does carry the risk of the cost mechanical repairs and residual cost at the end of the lease. Both of these can be mitigated with the purchase of Mechanical breakdown insurance and ensuring a conservative residual is set at the beginning of the lease. You are given the options at the beginning of the lease.

    An Operating lease: has the advantage of providing known costs during the lease. There is no risk with residual value at the end of the lease and all maintanence is covered during the lease. The areas of potential extra costs are in:

    • Exceeding the permitted kilometers - these are normally charged per kilometer. rate.
    • Fair wear and tear. These are defined in the lease but can add cost, if the car has been damaged, at the termination of the lease.
    • Early termination- there are financial penalties if the lease is terminated early. These vary depending on the amount of lease to run but can be substantial.

    Great flexibility and options:

    We can source new or used two to four year old "ex lease" fleet vehicles. These can be leased on an "Operating lease" with full maintenence, an "operating lease with no maintenence," or a "Finance lease". Contact us for more details or apply on line and we will provide you more information.


    It is common for business to use Insurance brokers to place their Insurance. Now the opportunity exists to use Vizion to broker the best Car Lease deal for your business.

                   New Car leasing

    • Take advantage of new car discounts in your rates.
    • Athough the retail price on cars is the same, lease rates and conditions vary considerably.

    • The areas to consider are:
      • Kilometres allowed in the lease
      • Number of tyres allowed.
      • Penalty kilometer rates if the allowance is exceeded.
      • Fair wear and tear policy.
      • Rates and FBT allowances.
    • If it is one car or a fleet, we can help.

    Give us a try and we will show you real benefits.

    Contact us for more details or apply on line

    All applications are subject to normal credit and lending criteria.

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  • At Vizion Finance we broker used car leases from lease companies to save you time and money.

    Used car leases

    • We can reduce the cost of your vehicle / fleet by up to 50%!!! and still have your staff drive the latest model. 
    • A car depreciates fastest is in the first 3 years of its life. In most situations this is between 40%-60% of the total cost depending on the make and milage. 
    • This means, when you lease a three to four year old car, your staff are still driving the latest model but at half the cost to you. 

  • When leasing a used car, the benefits include:

    1. Savings onFringe benefit tax, (based on the reduced value)
    2. Lower principal payments, (Most leases work on a residual so you are only paying for the actual reduction in principal value)
    3. Lower interest cost with the lower value.
    4. Improved cash flow.  



    • If it is one car or a fleet, we can help.
  • Contact us for more details or apply on line

    All applications are subject to normal credit and lending criteria.

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    Vizion: Owner Occupier property finance. Up to 100% finance

                      Commercial Property Finance

    Turn your rental expense into a business asset.

    If you are curently renting your premises, you will know that paying rent is one of the major expense items of the business.  Your current rental could be building wealth and passive income for you or your business. Vizion has a product that can turn your rental expense into an appreciating asset.

    The benefits are numerous:

    • Property is an appreciating asset. The rent you are paying is helping someone else weathly at your expense.
    • Pay the mortgage for around the same amount as you are currently paying in rent and outgoings.
    • Safe Guard your business against rental increases. Rent reviews are in all leases and, unless specified otherwise in the lease, are set by the market and therefore beyond your control.
    • Greater Flexibility if you want to relocate your business.

    Do you qualify?

    • Do you currently rent premises?
    • Have 3 years record of profitability in existing line of business?
    • Have stable cash flow? 
    • Rental payments sufficient to service the capital price.

     If you have answered yes to most the above, or you want to discuss this further,  then please contact us , apply on line  or email and we will be please to talk this opportunity through with you.

    All applications are subject to normal credit and lending criteria


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    For all business requirements:

    • Trucks and earthmoving equipment.
    • Computer systems, both hardware and software.
    • Printing equipment.
    • Engineering equipment.
    • Racking systems.

    Lease or finance options available.

    Vizion Finance can get you the best and most competitive finance deal to match your business and cash flow requirements.

     Save time and effort. Contact us to discuss your requirements 

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