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An overview of the finance industry
The finance industry and those associated, have suffered over the last  two years. The attached article is an excellent overview of the industry and what it needs to do to recover Click here

InsuranceCar warranty, Gap Insurance, Loan repayment Insurance

Dont gamble with your families  assets. Vizion offer a range of insurance products to take the risk out of the unexpected. We work closely with several insurance companies to offer the following types of insurance cover at competitive rates:



LPI (Lifestyle Protection Insurance)

This insurance pays agreed monthly payments, and will ensure ongoing loan repayment instalments following illness, hospitalisation, accident, bankruptcy(self-employed), and redundancy, are able to be met for up a period up to 180 days.

It offers the customer peace of mind for any unforseen circumstances and protects his/her family against financial hardship by taking away the stress of meeting the repayments. As well as protecting the customers credit worthiness and the risk of loan or mortgage defaults.


Redundancy and Bankruptcy: Pays an agreed monthly benefit for up to180 days if  you are made redundant or Bankrupt. (28 day stand down period before eligble for payment)

Terminal Illness or disbalement: Pays the agreed benefit in the event of  terminal Illness or disablement for a continuous perios gretaer than 7 days.

Hospitalisation Cover:  Agreed monthly benefit paid if you are hospitalised for up to 10 days.

WorldWide cover: Within 30 days of departure for NZ

The LPI premium can be added into your loan contract to make it easy.

Email for a copy of the policy wording and pricing or alternatively.  Contact us or apply online for more information

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MBI (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) Used Car warranty

                            Mechanical breakdown Insurance

If you are buying a used car privately, from auction, the car fair, off Trade me, or a dealer, you can purchase mechanical breakdown insurance (Used car warranty) from Vizion.

We feel that we are able to provide New Zealand motorists with a warranty that WILL protect you against any unforseen repair costs.

  • Vizion Finance Brokers are able to provide "Protecta" mechanical breakdown insurance to suit your needs.
  • 24/7 AA roadside assistance.
  • A choice of covers from 12 to 36 months.
  • A choice of excess from $50 - $350.
  • Covers all major mechanical, electrical and electronic components.
  • Travel costs to a maximum of $500 per claim included.
  • Accomodation costs upi to $500 per claim included.
  • Factory Audio up to $500 included.  
  • Exclusions are clearly spelt out in a, plain english, policy.

If you are buying a car privately or from an auction, a mechanical inspection, from a recognised Inspection company, is required to validate your warranty This ensures the vehicle has no pre existing conditions. If there are pre existing faults, your car is still covered but these are excluded from the insurance unless repaired.

              Contact us or apply online for more information


Protecta Mechanical insurance is underwritten by Allianz New Zealand Ltd that has a financial strength rating of A.

Every Protecta policy comes with AA 24/7  Roadside assist.  


 AA Roadservice cover  Includes call outs for: 

      • Flat batteres.
      • Running out of fuel
      • Wheel and tyre changes
      • Lost keys 

Let us help you make the right decision on your warranty needs. 

 Contact us or apply online for more information

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GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance)

Guaranteed Asset Protection is designed to cover the shortfall between the insured value of the vehicle and the outstanding balance of the Finance Agreement, in the event of an insurance write off. This product is designed to protect your vehicle investment. The GAP premium can be added into your loan contract to make it easy.

Email for a copy of the policy wording and pricing.

 Contact us or apply online for more information

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Provides comprehensive insurance for a private car, including any loss of or damage to your car by accident, theft, fire or natural disaster, damage caused to your car by identified uninsured drivers.

Vizion is able to supply quotes over the phone on all vehicles and provide options including GAP insurance in the policy for a small additional charge.

 Contact us or apply online for more information

Third party, fire and theft

Covers damage that you have done to other people's cars or property, car loss or damage caused by fire or theft and provides limited cover for damage to your car by identified uninsured drivers.

Home & Contents

Ensures damaged or destroyed homes are repaired or replaced. Protects your home and contents from accidental and sudden loss or damage.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about each type of policy and what will best suit your needs.

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