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At Vizion, we are priviledged to have clients share their private financial information and dreams with us, as they seek to borrow money to buy assets or restructure debt. 

We see people from all walks of life and different socio economic, ethnic and age groups who apply for loans or mortgages. 

We respect each individual is on their own journey and we see our role as providing more than just finance but resources, contacts, tools, services and advice, that can make a difference.

This page has been added to our web site to present resources to help our clients:


Budgeting tools

Budgeting is the first step to managing your money. Monitoring your actual expenses against this budget is the second.

Who stole my money is an excellent tool to help you budget and more importantly provide easy systems to allow you to manage and monitor your progress. 

Winner of the TUANZ Innovation Award, WSMM was recognised as the best in the industry. Grace Xue is the founder and developer of this New Zealand owned and operated program.

Who stole my Money:

  • Provides tools for budgeting.
  • Supports transactions from all Banks and credit cards
  • Allows consolidation of all expenses into one report.
  • Available 24/7 anywhere in the world.
  • Private and secure. 

To view the demo and web site



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Total Money Management

Struggling with Debt and need help? 

"I think CAP are absolutely wonderful and I can't thank them enough for giving me my life back" (CAP client)

If you need help to get out of debt and to manage your income, Christians Against Poverty may be able to help. The service is FREE and you will be treated with dignity and respect by a team of people who are committed to help you. CAP's goal is to have clients debt free and saving money within 5 years.


Poverty caused by unmanagable debt affects thousands of New Zealand families. It is hard to believe that 30% of NZ households have taken out loans to meet basic needs such as food or power; many middle- income families have no more than $40 disposable income per week; and thousands of children suffer ill health and regularly go hungry because their parents struggle to put food on the table. With personal debt increasing every year, this is a serious problem causing arguments and stress in homes, relationship breakdown, family and personal abuse.

CAP is an international debt- counselling charity with an 80% sucess rate in sustainable debt relief. CAP does not give out money or pay off debts, but enables families to live within their means. This is achieved through the provision of a wide range of specialized services, an award winning banking system, personal support, and ongoing education.

CAP opened in March 2008 and now has 5 centres in New Zealand and are helping 75 families manage their personal debt. CAPs goal for January 2010 is to have 10 centres operating in New Zealand with over 400 families on the CAP program; managing over $4million in debt and empowering 30 new families, towards a debt free future, every month.  

For client feedback and information on what CAP is doing Internationally

Contact us for more details

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The retirement comission of NZ web site has a number of excellent suggestions on managing debt.  We would recommend you read what they advise.

At Vizion, we support the recommendations made, recognising that debt, as a nesessary part of life, needs to be affordable and fair given the individuals profile. 

Sorted recommend that you shop around for the best finance rate. We would strongly recommend you don't shop around but use Vizion, for the following reasons: 

  1. All Banks and lending institutions are not the same. They have different lending criteria depending on your personal situation. Vizions role in this is to make sure we place your business in front of the companies that will get you the best deal for your profile.
  2. Vizion will advise how to restructure your finances to ensure you get the best finance package. Finance companies and banks will only respond to how you present your application. 
  3. Every time you apply for a loan with a finance company or bank they do a credit check on you. This enquiry is recorded on your file. This can work against you as the more enquiries are made on your file,  the obvious question a finance company will ask is, why are there so many requests and why hasn't the other companies supplied the finance? Even though you have a clean credit history, this can make it difficult for you to get finance or increase the interest rate applied to your account. Vizion does one credit check (with your approval) and passes this to all the finance companies we submit your business to.

 If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

 Apply now for an No obligation, free quote.

 Contact us for more details

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Financial Mentoring

Its like having a personal trainer for your finances.

If you feel you could benefit from an independent party to assist you with you your finances we can recommend "enspire"

"enspire" provides a financial training programme that will enable you to;

  • Accurately asess your complete financial situation.
  • Identify and assist you to set realistic financial goals for the future.
  • Create individual financial Action Plans to help you achieve these goals.
  • Understand the basics of good financial practice and how to apply them to your situation.
  • Clebrate the achievement of financial milestones and goals.

"enspire" provides you with:

  • Your own personal coach who will meet with you regularly at your home for six months.
  • Tools to monitor your financial position.
  • Follow up seminars.
  • Regular newsletters.

If you wish to know more please Contact us to discuss your requirements 


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Managing your credit file.

Your Credit file is an essential and important file for you to manage, if you wish to borrow money now or in the future. Managing this file is as important as your annual health check.

At Vizion, we come accross people every day who are not aware that they have a default on their Veda Report.

Your Veda file records:

  • Your personal details
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Any applications you have made for finance, who with, and the amount.
  • Any defaults that have been listed against you.
  • The status of those defaults. (collected or paid)

In the current economic environment, a default on your report may mean that you will not be able to source the mortgage for you new home or finance for a personal loan or your next car. At the very least, it will effect the interest rate you will pay on your loan.

The attached link gives you all the information you require to check your file and dispute any item listed against your name.

 For More information on how this effects you, please Contact us.


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Fixing your credit file


We have prospective clients, who come to us wanting mortgages and finance, who find, when we do a credit check, that have listings that they knew nothing about. This is very common and important to address. These listing may be disputed and contestable.

The impact of a credit listing may be that you mayl not be able to secure finance for up to five years, or, if you can, it is at higher interest rates.

We Fix Credit is an Australian Company that has recently launched in New Zealand. If you have credit issues that you feel are not justified give them a call.

It is very easy to have lsitings placed on your file and difficult to have them removed. They are experts in the field and well worth the investment.